Friday, September 25, 2009

Worm attack on Twitter through Direct Messages

Worm attacks on twitter just keep coming. It seems there is no end to that. The nature of this worm is as Mashable puts it convincing, dangerous.

How does the Worm spread

This time the worm is using DMs (Direct Messages) to spread around the microblogging network. Basically what it does is that it hacks an account and uses that hacked account to send DMs to other users and steals their login information.

Possible Preventive Action to take

So what preventive action can you take?. You are advised and strongly recommended to straight away delete the DM once you recieve it. Shown below is the DM message that is surely creating problems


How does the Worm Work

Again I repeat, please do not click the link and straight away delete it. Ben Parr used the term convincing for describing the worm. This is why: The link takes you to a Login page which actually is a replica of the actual Twitter login page. Once you land on that page, it will steal your account and use your account to send DMs to your twitter contacts. Since it will be using your account, your friends are highly likely to be affected by it.

What to do if you are affected by the worm

What to do if your luck ran out and you were affected by the worm. This is what you should do

  • Change your password
  • Delete tweets or DM if any that contain this nasty link

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