Sunday, October 4, 2009

Telenor Cricket Challenge

Everybody is watching cricket these days. And why shouldn’t they. ICC Champions Trophy is running in full flow and has reached the semi-final stage. And you will agree with me over the fact that the tournament uptil now has been nothing short of maximum entertainment and excitement.

Cricket analysts and commentators are normally the entities who predict the outcome of various matches. So why should they be the only one who do the prediction. Why shouldn’t you go ahead and make your predictions. To add more fun to it, what if you get an exciting prize if most of your predictions turn out to be true.

Predict the team and win exciting prizes

Enter Telenor Cricket Challenge, a Facebook app that allows you to make predictions regarding the outcome of each match. If you get your predictions right you get awarded with points. And if you manage to get the top rank you might end up having your very ownBlackberry or a cool iPod.


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