Monday, January 18, 2010

New wireless HD audio devices comes to Vizio

Vizio managed to achieve a careful balance between performance and affordability with their line of products, where among them include a new range of wireless High Definition audio devices that comprise of home theater surround sound systems alongside wireless subwoofers and wireless home theater headphones. We’re talking about the VHT200 2.0 HD Home Theater Sound bar here, where it ought to complement your 32″ LED TV with a similar 32″ long design that is slim. As for the VHT212 2.1 HD Home Theater Sound Bar, you also get a wireless subwoofer with it as well as an iPod dock that works in tandem with Vizio’s very own pair of wireless headphones for a truly connected experience (sans the risk of tripping over nasty wires in your home, of course). We’ll take a closer look at other devices from Vizio in the extended post.

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