Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Samsung Bluetooth headsets

Samsung is currently the No. 1 cellphone provider in the U.S. (contrary to popular belief that the iPhone is the top handset there), and it makes perfect sense to leverage on their position by unveiling accessories to go along with their phones. Today, they have announced three new sleek, premium performance Bluetooth headsets, with the WEP870 spearheading the charge followed by the award-winning WEP850 and the WEP470 for the budget conscious - all three models are able to offer an optimized mobile experience with crystal-clear conversations without breaking the bank

Samsung WEP870 will bring together a high end noise-cancelling Bluetooth mono headset with high-fidelity Bluetooth music streaming to premium stereo ear buds, culminating in a solitary device. You will find the multi-connection technology in here useful, enabling the WEP870 to be hooked up simultaneously with a couple of other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This mono-style headset is accented with a chrome trim and a graphite finish, allowing you to wear it on either ear in comfort. The inclusion of a stereo earbud lanyard allows you to connect the headset to it so that you can enjoy your music in a more comfortable environment. Closer inspection will see the WEP870’s microphone point toward one’s mouth when worn on the lanyard, ensuring all your calls get through in a clear manner. Dual-microphones and active noise and echo cancellation technology round off the list of features, while an LCD display tells you the remaining battery life, call status and Bluetooth connection status.

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