Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sony PS3 Slim official release

Well, guess the folks at Sony must’ve heard the prayers and rants of many Sony fanboys over the years on how the PS3 console was way too bulky, and having repeated a rumor countless times of a PS3 Slim coming our way many months ago, guess the age old adage kicked into action with Sony officially unveiling the new PS3 today, where it comes in an extremely svelte form factor. Let’s take a look at the PS3 Slim in greater detail right after the jump.

While the original PS3 held a 60GB hard drive within, this remodeled version holds a 120GB hard drive despite trimming down its internal volume, thickness and weight to 67% of the original. The 120GB PS3 Slim will retail for $299 and euro 299, depending on which region you’re at, while the current 80GB PS3 Phat will see a price drop to US$299 and euro 299 from August 18 and August 19, respectively. All PS3 Slims will ship with version 3.0 of the system software to keep it up to date.

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